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Now you can get more support as you give it your BEST SHOT.

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Parents as Teachers is a free program that sends a supportive coach to your home.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re struggling just a bit or you’re completely overwhelmed. A Family Empowerment Coach will visit your home to support you in any way you need.

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In Philadelphia & Montgomery Counties

If you are pregnant
have a child aged 0-5 years,
you may qualify.

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What’s really amazing is that almost ANYONE can qualify for this free program.

Especially if you’ve said any of these things.

Interested but not sure you qualify?

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How can Parents as Teachers help you?

Quick (but important) note:

While we love making community resource connections and do it all the time, we don’t actually provide things like therapy, employment or education. Instead, we hook you up with the right organizations and/or resources.

Even if you don’t know what you need, reach out.

We listen, respect and assist.
We don’t judge.

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How it works
1 Reach out to us
If you qualify, we’ll send out a Family Empowerment Coach as soon as possible.

Get convenient home visits

Depending on your situation, you can have home visits of up to 60-90 minutes long, as frequently as every other week or at least monthly. Your coach can come during the day, evening, or on weekends. Whatever works best!

3 Boost your parenting power
Engage in fun activities with your coach and child. Practice being the best mom or dad you can be, while getting helpful resources for your family. Your coach has your back as you do your job of parenting.

You and your coach will tackle the challenges together.

You’ll have more resources, wisdom, and confidence as a parent.

Get answers, help, and resources for your toughest challenges
Do fun interactive activities that help your child develop, learn, or stay healthy
Join other moms, dads, babies, and kids for cool free events every month

Want even more reasons to join the program?

These are Kutest Kids advantages you won’t find anywhere else.

Faster help for delays

Because we’re a program of Kutest Kids Early Intervention, we can send referrals right over. That means your child can get the services and evaluated for a developmental delay as soon as possible.

Free baby + kid supplies

Our sister company, Kids at Play Foundation offers new and gently used gear, clothing, and supplies for babies and kids. Based on availability, you can receive anything from diapers to shoes or even a baby bouncer. All as a free gift to you.

A doula for your birth

A doula is a trained companion who supports you through the experience of childbirth. We’re thrilled to have a doula as one of our coaches and would be happy to share her with you. Here’s to a healthier, happier mommy and baby!

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Meet our executive director, Vonee.

She is passionate about helping families.
And she’s ready to welcome you personally.

Vonee is a mom, too.

She’s an experienced advocate in the child welfare space. And on top of that, she’s a seasoned program director who still does in-person visits to parents at home.

Real-life parenting is not like in the fairy tales.

Vonee gets it.She knows that all parents want to be great parents. And that sometimes stuff happens. Life challenges can get in the way. So it’s not about you doing a good or a bad job. It’s about getting you the support and empowerment you need so you can give your child the best shot possible. 

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So… should you reach out to us?

Really, the choice should be simple.

Don’t reach out
sad woman
  • Do this parenting thing all alone

  • Wait for things to get better by themselves

  • Miss out on resources and opportunities

Reach out
happy woman
  • Get kind, helpful support

  • Gain tools to become a better parent

  • Receive the resources needed to make life better

  • Do all this AT NO COST

Reach out
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Want to know more about the Kutest Kids
Parents as Teachers Program?

affiliate organizations
countries across the globe
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Our program is an affiliate of the international PAT organization. Our mission is to inspire and support caregivers and children as they build healthy relationships within their family unit. We meet families in their safe spaces to share our skillset and work as a team with caregivers to empower them to be their children’s best first teachers.


We envision a community where all families are respected, treated with integrity, and fully supported. We want caregivers to wholeheartedly believe and know that their children have endless positive possibilities and that they have the ability to help their children reach their full potential.


We value diversity, equity, and inclusion within our staff and endeavor to have the community we serve feel that with every interaction with us. 













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