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Early intervention is a completely free federally funded program.

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A wide range of therapies for all ages

AGES 0-3

Early Intervention Therapy The Coach Approach

Growing your ability to interact therapeutically with your child is our key focus. With coaching based therapy, you’ll be empowered as an equal partner in your child’s interventions. You’ll learn tools to support your child’s development and gain the confidence to make informed decisions. Research shows that your active involvement accelerates your child’s progress.

Play Facility

Play, connect, and celebrate milestones in our kid-loving play community. It’s the less-fighting, more-fun way to power up skills & make new friends.

AGES 0-3

Behavior Therapy

From getting dressed, to mealtimes, to a trip in the car, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) strategies help your child adapt to routines, communicate wants, and connect with the world.

AGES 3-5

Preschool Therapy

Targeted therapy just for your child. In school, at home, or at our play facility. Get a loved-by-parents provider to coach you in reaching your child’s therapy goals.

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Julia has been wonderful to us. We did private pay SI…wonderful teachers. The quality of the therapists have been so impressive but the gym for a kid like Evan who was using a walker up to January when he started walking was at Kids at Play. He took 11 steps unassisted. We swear it was because he had his birthday party upstairs!

Evan’s Mom

Parent of Kutest Kids patient

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Why Kutest Kids?

Services that wraparound your child like this morning’s hug-and-giggle-fest.


Start faster, with less wait time. Our vast provider network means we always have a specialized therapist to take on your case. Whether you need preemie services, bilingual services, interpretation, ABA, social work, or nutrition, we have a proficient provider that can get started now.

Fun Stuff

Access resources for free toys and gear, play at our facility ($15 value per visit), and get discounts on Kids at Play birthday parties. Have more fun while you celebrate milestones, make more friends, and be connected within our empowering community.


Therapy should revolve around your life, not the other way around. Our therapists happily provide sessions at your home, school, daycare, or community park. You can also take advantage of our sensory play facility.


Book your therapy sessions on days, evenings or weekends; whenever works best for you.

We are trustworthy

With us your Thursday-at-2:00 session happens Thursday-at-2:00.

You need a therapist who communicates well, keeps session appointments, and empowers you to be the most supportive parent possible. We hold our therapists accountable to regional standards, ongoing training requirements, and our own internal Kutest Kids accountability. We pledge to find your child a perfect-fit provider, and if there are any issues along the way, we’ll quickly make the adjustments you need.

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