Free help at home
is a click away

Yes, raising kids is tough. The Parents as Teachers program is here to help.

Free program for everyone

Parents as Teachers sends a supportive coach to your home.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re struggling just a bit or you’re completely overwhelmed. A Family Empowerment Coach will visit your home to support you in any way you need.

Qualification from birth

If you are pregnant and/or
have a child aged 0-5 years,
you may qualify.

You can too

Almost anyone can qualify for this free program.

Especially if you’ve said any of these things.

I think my child has been abused or neglected.
My child is sick or disabled.
We've experienced a death in the family.
I have more than one child under the age of 6.
I'm concerned about my child's development.
This is my first child or my partner's first child.
I struggle with a low income.
I'm new to parenting.

Interested but not sure you qualify? It’s worth a conversation.

We offer many ways to help

How can Parents as Teachers help you?

Learn about child development and parenting

Whether you’re waiting for your baby to start turning over, crawling, self-feeding, or counting… get the skills you need to help your child develop and learn!

Make life easier with more social support

Feeling alone in the parenting challenge? Wondering how everyone else manages? A caring, supportive person makes all the difference no matter how hard things seem.

Get a leg up with education & employment

Trying to find a new job or thinking about going back to school? We coach you to take the steps needed to advance your career — for your own sake and for your family.

Obtain healthcare or health insurance

The steps to getting good care can be overwhelming. We’ll help make it manageable. Nothing is more important than taking good care of your own and your child’s health.

Overcome economic or housing

Struggling with a place to live? Having trouble paying your rent? We’ll guide you through this hardship and assist you in facing the challenge head-on.

Support your maternal health and wellbeing

There’s so many things you want to know as a pregnant mom. We’ll give you answers and help your unborn baby have the best chance of a healthy, successful future.

Get support for your mental health

Feeling sad, angry or anxious? Have a diagnosis of mental illness? We’ll help you with tools to be an incredible parent while caring for your own mental health too.

Be empowered to advocate for your child

The skills you gain from coaching will last you a lifetime of parenting. You’ll be able to advocate for your child long after you leave this program.

Even if you don’t know what you need, reach out.

We listen, respect and assist. We don’t judge.

The numbers confirm our competence

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You are not alone in this

You and your coach will tackle the challenges together.

You’ll have more resources, wisdom, and confidence as a parent.

Get answers, help, and resources for your toughest challenges
Do fun interactive activities that help your child develop, learn, or stay healthy
Join other moms, dads, babies, and kids for cool free events every month
You can never have too many reasons

Want even more reasons to join the program?

These are Kutest Kids advantages you won’t find anywhere else.

Faster help for delays

Because we’re a program of Kutest Kids Early Intervention, we can send referrals right over. That means your child can get the services and evaluated for a developmental delay as soon as possible.

Free baby + kid supplies

Our sister company, Kids at Play Foundation offers new and gently used gear, clothing, and supplies for babies and kids. Based on availability, you can receive anything from diapers to shoes or even a baby bouncer. All as a free gift to you.

A doula for your birth

A doula is a trained companion who supports you through the experience of childbirth. We’re thrilled to have a doula as one of our coaches and would be happy to share her with you. Here’s to a healthier, happier mommy and baby!

Trusted by many

This is just one opinion among many

Coach Tashane is amazing! She’s encouraging and so good with my child. She notices things and little parts about my child that I didn’t even notice. Tashane respects my child’s boundaries. I can tell she really loves children. She’s a valuable resource!


KKPAT home-visiting

A few simple reasons

So… should you reach out to us?

Really, the choice should be simple.

Don’t reach out and...

Do this parenting thing all alone

Wait for things to get better by themselves

Miss out on resources and opportunities

Reach out and...

Get kind, helpful support

Gain tools to become a better parent

Receive the resources needed to make life better

Do all this AT NO COST